Jul 30, 2011

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Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir

Rebekka is one of the first photographers I started following on flickr after I got my account. I was drawn in by her long exposure shots and I always enjoy seeing new projects she works on appear in my photostream.

What impresses me is not only the thought, but the time and effort she puts into her shots. Her long exposure shots involve getting up when it’s dark, venturing out into the cold and either sitting around or standing in front of the camera, in an ice cold lake, at 3am. Others take forethought and preparation time that you appreciate but don’t consider when viewing her photos.

Here are some of my favourite long exposure shots from her

She also does imaginative self portraits

and puts lots of time into preparing for her projects

and this is her most recognised photo

Rebekka is branching out (sometimes quite literally) into many different areas of art and photography. You can check out her website, her flickr or her how to guides on photography.

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