Sep 27, 2013

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An open letter to Twitter

Hi Twitter,

I’ll keep this short, I know you’re busy. I know you want to make Twitter an awesome place for people, so do I. Sadly, that’s not what’s happened in this case. My @CancelThatCard bot was suspended for 24 hours and I was told it could be banned for tweeting to people. I know you have rules, but other bots that do the same seem to operate fine. They’re funnier than mine, but a public service has a harder time making people laugh.

I turned off my bot after that suspension and I’ve been trying to get a conversation started about it with you, but all my attempts have led me nowhere. So rather than just let @CancelThatCard go to waste I’m planning to turn it back on. One week from today.

I still want to discuss this with you, but I also want to keep helping people and be a tiny part of making Twitter better. You can ban the bot at any time, but I’m hoping you won’t. You can ignore this letter too, but I’m hoping you won’t. If you ask me to keep the bot turned off I’ll respect that wish, but I’m hoping you won’t.

What I hope is that nobody else has their credit card details at risk of being used by a stranger because they made a mistake and posted them online. My personal twitter account isĀ @serenecloud, hope to hear from you this week :)


  1. Ben,

    Funny thing: Twitter even helps the other side. Today I got an Email from Twitter, that I could be interested in the following Tweet. This Email contained a tweet with a picture of a credit card. And a tweet with her ccv number…

    Until today, I didn’t know people could be so stupid. And I greatly appreciate your work and blog. Really sad, that Twitter is not talking to you. They absolutely should. And they should allow your bot.

    Keep up the good work,

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