About this Blog

On the face of it, “Share a little” may seem like a throwaway name for a blog, but I assure you I thought carefully about the name and what it means to me.

Sharing means to give a portion of what you have to others. When it comes to sharing something of myself, I can find it difficult. This blog is an effort to share more of myself, the things that impact me – like photographs, stories, news items, the things that help me and things that entertain me.

I don’t often find much time to sit down, collect my thoughts and write, so this blog is likely to have “a little” here and “a little” there. What I expect to lack in quantity I hope to make up in quality.

There will also be posts about things I’m doing at work, things I’m learning (geeky things and non-geeky things) and anything else I decide to share. Today, when I find an image I want to share it gets added to my Facebook or my Twitter or both. Now it’ll be added here too.

“Share a little” isn’t just for me though, you are important in this. Communication is a two way thing and I’m not very good at it, but I’ll bet you’re better. If you can find the time to comment on a post you like it’ll encourage me, get conversation going and help me pick topics to share on.


Before I launched this site I took the time to make some changes so that it’s accessible for more users.

  • All parts of the site gracefully degrade or do not require Javascript
  • Fonts can be resized using your browser settings
  • The theme is valid HTML
  • The website renders well in Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Firefox 5, Chrome 10, Opera and Safari
  • The main content contrast meets WCAG AAA recommendations


I know that I’m not a user and as such I can’t properly make sure this site is fully usable without putting time into proper testing. I also know that this is a personal blog and that there’s a cost/benefit trade off. I may not have made a totally usable website but I’ve made a good effort.

  • I’ve customised the Glow theme from Elegant Themes┬áto:
    • Remove some extra navigation elements from above the image slider
    • Change the main links to be blue and underline when moused over
    • Added an easy to click “Subscribe to RSS” link
    • Added a search bar to all pages
    • Added a 404 page that’s more than just “We can’t find that”
    • Other tweaks to the HTML, PHP and CSS

If there are further improvements I can make to the site please let me know.