Jan 2, 2013

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2012 redux

It’s the first days of 2013 and I can’t decide what kind of year I had in 2012. Were it not for this past week of holiday I’d leave 2012 feeling exhausted and run down. However, with time to dwell on the year, moments taken where I didn’t think “I need to do X” remind me of all I’ve been blessed with this year. I do feel it ending on a good note.


I started 2012 in Shanghai, in a taxi cab trying to get to the Bund to see the new year fireworks. I saw Shanghai in a new way, saw real ice castles, terracotta warriors and Hong Kong. I attended a few weddings, including my best friend’s. I went to Parachute Festival, the best weekend event of my year. I saw Chinese fireworks on the waterfront, Jenn Lim and Tony Hsieh speak about happiness at Webstock 2012 and got sick of taking photos (but got back into it later). With the help of others I ran a PC fix up day for the community. I attended my first ANZAC day dawn service saw P.O.D play live in Wellington and started a new yoga class on Thursday lunchtimes. I spent a lot of time rewriting and tweaking the NZ Post Address & Postcode Finder. I saw friends leave for Australia and Christchurch, renewed my passport, did a SCUBA diving course and got my open water dive card. I flew to Auckland for OWASP Day, gave two Backbone.js training courses and introduced NERF guns to the office :). I made new friends in my church and others, visited friends in Australia for the first time, made my second book (wedding gift), and did camera operating for Porirua Christmas in the Park. I kept in contact with friends overseas for the whole year!

I accepted that I wasn’t going back to Hawaii in a great rush and struggled to find something to fill the gap, but not very successfully. I ended up drifting away from the Standby Task Force Tech Team. I spent less time in prayer and bible reading than I should have. I lost focus on why I was doing things, asking “what’s the point” rather than “what’s the purpose”? I poured time away on Facebook instead of putting it to use. I worried what others thought of me. I thought of lots of cool stuff to do, but didn’t do it. I remembered my own failures and forgot my successes. I made 2012 harder than it needed to be.

2013 will be different. This year I’ll be asking “what’s the purpose?” when I do something. I’ll rant less and fix more. I’ll have an “awesome jar”. I’ll worry less, pray more, seek God and make time for the things that matter by taking it away from the things that don’t.

  1. I think it sounds like you had a great 2012. :) I do want to emphasise your last point though since I think you hit the nail on the head.

    “… and make time for the things that matter by taking it away from the things that don’t.”

    Whatever you do and whatever your interests, this is the most important thing to remember since it’ll mean that you are doing the things that matter to you.

    (On a similar but side note, I saw a quote the other day: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”)

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