Feb 28, 2012

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2011 redux

It may almost be March 2012, but I’m overdue for a post about 2011, so I’m going to try and capture my year.

Coming down off the high of 2010 was difficult, but looking back it was quite a ride. I returned to work with a great team, client and new project manager. I made plans to return to Hawaii and got my ass kicked by 40 hour weeks. I reunited with my friends and told them what I’d been up to as best I could. I had too much time on my hands so I started this blog, then I got busy. I moved house. I made new friends including a lifelong one (or two). I started to examine my world view and think about why I act certain ways. I found it easier to sin but I also realised just how crazy Jesus love for us is. I kept the paper I wrote on during DTS in my wallet. I realised that it’s okay to reach out, say hi to someone and try new things. I bought a new camera body, then a new lens. I cried a bit and laughed a lot. I reflected on what makes me happy. I got back into yoga. I turned 25, had to say goodbye to friends who flew to Sydney, started doing theology study with friends, worked on http://eq.org.nz/, joined the Standby Task Force Tech Team, climbed Mount Holdsworth and spent the New Year in Shanghai.

To everyone who supported me last year, your kind words, encouragement, advice and hugs (in person and digitally) really made all the difference. Thank You!

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